ICC Joinery

ICC Joinery has been manufacturing an extensive range of quality wood based products for both the commercial and residential sectors. As a total joinery solutions provider, operating a heavily mechanized factory, we practice stringent quality measures ensuring the highest standard of quality and customer satisfaction. Unparalleled in the market, few companies can execute the full in house services ICC can provide.

Through personalized client consultations we are able to offer our expertise and guidance to ensure the client is confident in the product we deliver. Such options as solid wood or veneered on engineered wood, recommending finishing's for internal or external use, are some of the recommendations we can provide to ensure the client is clear on what they want, and what they want us to deliver.

ICC Joinery specializes in a selection of custom made furniture, strictly adhering to a strategic consistency of quality control through every stage of fabrication. From the finishing stage in the factory to installation and hand over at the site, our clients can trust our quality, reliability and ability to deliver.